Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bob Woodruff's Excellent Video "To Iraq and Back" on Traumatic Brain Injury

This riveting report by Bob Woodruff, who sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury reporting in Iraq, was sent to me on DVD by a dear, fellow TBIer. I recently found the video online at ABC News and am glad to be able to share. It is a compelling and honest look at Bob Woodruff's Traumatic Brain Injury and fight to recover:

The second part Bob gives voice to the lives of our beloved soldiers returning from Iraq with TBI. It is a call to awareness, action, and compassion.

We must continue to support our troops as they return from war and in their ongoing battle living with Traumatic Brain Injury. Those who died did not die in vain, we must assure those who live with TBI do not live in vain.

I invite you to visit Bob Woodruff's Family Foundation and support our brave men and women returning from Iraq:



brain and spinal cord said...

Excellent video.
Another touching personal TBI story here.
Alyssa's injury was not acquired in battle, but it's all the more important because it's something any parent could prevent by fastening the child in the center, if the front seat belts come directly from the seats (ABTS).

ResilientHeart said...

Thank you for sharing Alyssa's story. I am touched deeply and no words can convey what is in my heart right now for her and her family. All I can say is, despite all she's been through, she's still a beautiful angel to me.
RH said...

Thank you for you compassion for her and her family.
Here's a follow-up that makes the issues in the video much clearer-