Friday, September 26, 2008

The Handicap is Mine

If I look upon your twisted hands
the braces on your feet,

If I hear the funny sounds you make
when you try to speak,

If I watch you as you try to walk
with wobbly, wearing gait

And see others turn away,
for you they cannot wait.

If I look upon your outer shell
and imperfections there I find,

And turn and go upon my way,
The handicap is mine.

If I do not see beyond the shell
nor look into your eyes

to see the flame living there,
bright and strong, alive,

if I do not see the person who dwells,
Who thinks and dreams and feels

and hopes and in whose heart love swells
An inner person much like me

if this I do not find
But turn and go upon my way

The handicap is mine

- Author Unknown

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