Saturday, October 16, 2010


I just had to share this hilarious moment that happened while shopping at Target yesterday.  We were looking at items in their refrigerated section when Richard's phone rang.  About that time two little boys turned the corner of the aisle perpendicular to us, were heading the opposite direction as we were, just a step or two away from where we had just been.  It was perfect.  Why?  Richard's ringtone is frogs!  He had just downloaded it from Verizon and the look on those two boy's faces was priceless.

Frogs?  Well yes, some time ago at Costco we were sitting at the food court near the tire center when we started hearing frogs.  A person then pulled out a cell phone and answered it, we were the ones with the funny look on our faces!  Hilarious! 


CCC said...

That would be a great ring for a phone. I have to tell this story about shopping in a Walmart type store many years ago.

We had my mom take our kids while we went Christmas shopping without them. We were looking at something on one side of the isle and a lady was on the other side looking at some other stuff. Across the public address system in the store came the "A little girl named. . . has lost her parents and is at the service desk. Would her parents please come and get her. She is quite upset."

My husband looked at me and said: "Oh, good! Let's just leave her there." The lady looked at us like we had two heads (each). I tried to explain that he was kidding and our children weren't even with us but she just gave us a suspicious look and hurried away.

Then there was the time he took some horrible red and black see-through nightie up to the till without me seeing. He loves to tease me.

ResilientHeart said...

That is hilarious! I love your sense of humor. Your husband has courage, many men wouldn't step foot in that area of the store. :-)

Kristy said...

Oh no! You gave it up, too? I hope you're alright. Hopefully I've bounced back and will continue my blogging.