Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Year, New Insurance...New Direction?

After years of no health care, or what little I did have, I paid out of pocket for, I now have insurance.  It is phenomenal going back to the doctor, those big, fancy offices with big fancy furniture and lots of staff.  Wow.  Part of the economy is still booming.

At any rate, I met with a new Neurologist today after rescheduling due to waiting on insurance to kick in, bad road conditions, and then the doctor's schedule change.  I am not fond of doctor's offices, like many people, and, I often wish doctors and lawyers were paid on the same type of scale as waiters and waitresses!  All that money we spend on help...we live in a 'free' country yet so few can afford the care they really need.

We discussed migraines since my most recent one gave me a run for my money with pain, not letting up, my head hurting to ice, and the shaking, where it feels like the migraine has reached my nervous system.  Not a fun place to be.  I was prescribed a medication to help keep migraines from happening, but if I get to a bad place, I will have to go to the local doctor or ER to get help.

The Neurologist referred me to get an MRI and a Neuro-Psych test (oh joy, oh bliss!)  Things worked out at the imaging office, they could take me in right away, how cool is that? One less thing to worry about.  They imaged the neck first, then the head, then the head with contrast.  It'll be interesting to see where things are now three years post-accident, I'm especially interested in those painful herniated discs. 

The Neuro-Psych test will happen in a couple of months, we all know how much fun that is - LOL! 

I hope to continue to blog, but honestly, haven't had the steam or passion I had before.  So, we shall see about that.  More shall be revealed...

All in all, I still want to get better.  Maybe that's a false hope, but honestly, it's better than no hope at all, or settling.

On the one hand, I am grateful for being able to get care, but, on the other hand, I am TERRIFIED of medical bills or the insurance company choosing to not pay.  We shall see.


LightHeaded said...

Hey - I'm facilitating a new support group and, being totally clueless, I went webSurfing to learn a thing or six. Found your blog. Liked it. Glad you're back doing it. Sounds as if things have taken a positive turn in your life - let's have more like that. And the FROGS post cracked me up.

ResilientHeart said...

Thank you kindly, Luke (a.k.a. LightHeaded), for your comment.

That is great about your facilitating a new support group, good for you!

So glad you got a chuckle out of the FROGS post. :)

Please let me know if you have a blog I may follow, or simply keep in touch if you'd care to.

You have a very encouraging spirit (I also found what you wrote on http://mytbilife.blogspot.com/2012/01/friends.html )

I know you'll be a GREAT facilitator.

Best to you. Blessings, Love & Peace, RH