Saturday, March 10, 2012

Do you know how proud I am of you?

You have walked through the fire unscathed.

You have used the difficult circumstances of your life to become better, stronger, wiser, not bitter, bruised and broken.

You are making it through this tough time step by step, moment by moment, stepping stone by stepping stone.

You are an inspiration.  You may not feel like one.  You may be tired.  You may be weary.  You may be ready to give up.  But you won't.  You can't.

You have become a champion in adversity, a strong and noble soul, whose roots have grown deep in the storms of life.

You have been shaken, you have been shaped, you will bend, but you will not break

You have chosen to shine like a bright light in a darkened world.  Gone away are the days of selfishness, pride, and insignificant priorities.

You shine with the radiance of beauty, love, acceptance, honor, dignity, joy, and integrity.

You have cried, you have fought, you have been angry, depressed, sorrowful, and grief-stricken, but you have not given up.

You cannot.

Do you know how proud I am of you?  Do you really know?

I am proud, I am honored, to be among those you call friend.  Please accept this heart-felt gift from me to you.

With all my heart.

11/15/04 8:08pm - taking a break from work to check my email.  :-)
Blessings, Love & Peace,

"...For I have stumbled down many a dark and crooked mile
Where seduction and destruction have dogged me all the while
And the very things that I've embraced to medicate my pain
Turned out to be impostors and poison in my veins
- Randy Stonehill's song Every Heartbeat is a Prayer


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Thank you kindly, fellow TBI & healing warrior! :)