Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Facebook, Betrayal, and a Web of Lies

While I have been dealing with my own and my Dad's health issues, I've been offline quite a bit.

One thing that had kept me engaged online was a young girl I met on Facebook in a support group.  At the time we met, she was ready to commit suicide, alleged rape by many men, abuse, incest, miscarriages, that her father was a police officer and she could not tell anyone.

My heart, as did the hearts of so many, went out to her, encouraging her to hang on, never give up.  Another Facebook friend and I became advocates, we felt it imperative to get this girl free from her horrific life. We just could not bear the thought of her living one more day like that.  And hearing about suicide, my gosh, that's such a big issue with TBI, we had to do something.

I reported the suicide threats to Facebook.  We wrote Oprah and Dr. Phil on her behalf.  I contacted a crisis line in her country, they could not intervene through me, but the girl had to call them herself.

Some of the things she said didn't make sense, but being led to believe she was in her early teens and in a different country and culture, exceptions were made.  I contacted an agency in her country that deals with these sorts of situations and asked them to contact her on Facebook...but first had them promise me they would protect her and maintain strict confidentiality, with her dad being a cop, things were incredibly difficult.

If her story were true, she needed help, if it were not true, she definitely needed help!  As fate would have it, and I'm sure once local people started looking to help her, the lies surfaced.  She confessed last night she was not 14-years-old, she is indeed 33-years-old.  That's where the string of lies began.

She said she apologized for hurting people.  Wow.  Seriously?  She threatened to commit suicide!  She threatened doing harm to herself like cutting!  She manipulated the good intentions of everyone and when she did not get her way talked about how people were judging her!  OMG!  I consider these very, very serious and told her so on her wall, all of which, including her confession, she has since taken down.  She keeps the fake Facebook page, however.

I've blocked her, unfriended people I'd added to help her, and, I left all groups I'd been a part of.  I love helping people, especially when it leads to a transformed and healed life, but I will not accept the unacceptable, nor will I enable her destructive behavior.  She sucked the lifeblood out of us and then found others she could con.  She really needs professional help, not Facebook.

One of my favorite things about Brain Injured people?  99.9% do not have the capacity or intention to lie, cheat, hurt, or steal anything from anyone but are 120% grateful for what they do have.

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