Saturday, April 28, 2012

TBI & Another Layer of Letting Go: Possessions

Since moving here two years ago I've kept several boxes of things I could sell on eBay, They're still in boxes, well-labeled, but nothing else has been done with them.  I admit, it's an odd place to be - looking at the items with some sadness while also wanting to use the space for exercise equipment.  Kind of an interesting analogy, I think.  Getting rid of old weight to replace it with freedom and movement.

I realized not too long ago how HUGE my need for security is.  Well, the above mentioned boxes are part of that.  I think if I keep this 'stuff' I'd be able to sell it at a later time and still be okay financially. That was my parents' way of providing security for themselves in a far different economy.

In my new TBI economy, exercise is key to better health and a better life.  Less is definitely more because clutter causes stimuli overload and fatigue.  A friend of Richard's mentioned they were going to have a garage sale and offered us to bring things to their sale.  I know I said in my blog previously (post yard-sale burnout) I'd never do it again, but this got me thinking.

In this area, it is VERY difficult to get rid of stuff.  The only 'local' charity I feel really makes a difference in their community is over an hour away!  So, I'm thinking, if we can do this as a group of friends having a sale then there's more help for the whole thing and I could take breaks!  What a novel idea.  We may have the sale here since they live farther from town.

I've decided all money will go toward paying off the barn loan and anything we have left over we'll take to that charity I mentioned above.

So, I'm a woman on a mission!  It's hard, it is sad because I'm seeing a lot of who I used to be prior to the accidents, like my sports equipment.  I loved sports!  I even played on a softball team for a while (I played, do you work and get in shape while the rest of the team stands around waiting for the batter to hit the dang ball!) LOL!  :)

I have to let it go, all of it.  There's a snowball's chance in hell I'd ever get it listed on eBay.  I know a lot of people are doing what I used to do before the accidents, they're 'flipping' stuff on eBay, buying low and selling high.  I miss being a part of that.

I have to close the door on what I used to be able to do and still feel like I can do (in my mind).  When I do try eBay, I end up overwhelmed and making a lot of stupid mistakes in my listings.  It's frustrating and it's time to let it go.  The truth of the matter I probably won't remember most of the 'stuff' anyway (thanks to TBI).

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