Friday, June 15, 2012

Bank of "America"

Well, I'm not a poet, but this is what I just brain is tired and I can't think of more words or phrases.  Any creative wordsmiths out there want to give a shot?!

I wish I could say how much I love you,
But I can't because it's not true

You screw your customers at every chance
In this crazy 'business' dance you do

In times of hardship and emotional trial
All you can offer is no and denial

You claim to be great money makers
Your customer ‘service’ is a deal breaker!

Okay, after taking one day off from this stuff (yesterday) and Bank of America never did call me back, I called today.  Oh joy.  Oh bliss.

I explained the situation, I live in Montana, my Dad has accounts in WA and I'm the Power of Attorney, I need to know the process of being added to Dad's accounts.  Simple?  That's what I thought.

In order to be placed on Dad's accounts I have to BE THERE IN PERSON to sign THEIR forms.  I asked if they could be mailed and told her once again I'M IN MONTANA, she said no.  Could I have a Notary here prove I am who I say I am?  No.  We HAVE 2-5 weeks to find Dad a place, she said she understood that.  Seriously?  NOT!  Wow.

Clearly no doubt in my mind I did the right thing by closing my accounts with BoA when I moved here.  It was good to go back and revisit:

I have to tell you, this is one area that is raw and wide open in my heart.  I struggle to both grasp and accept this concept.  America.  Land of the free, home of the brave, corrupt, selfish, self-absorbed, greedy...

Money v. a person's life.  No contest, many choose money.  For being a materially rich nation, we are truly impoverished in heart and spirit.  That makes me tremendously sad, but it is not the first time I've been at this place looking at the blinding, putrid ugliness of "humanity."  Wow.

It is really heartbreaking to think my Dad served in WWII for an ungrateful nation.  Dad would go on to donate blood every year, volunteer at church, etc.  A life of service for what? 

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