Tuesday, September 11, 2012

911: Somewhere in Between Heroic and Horrific

While I have been off-line refocusing my life and redirecting my energies to greater self-care, I continue to try to read blogs I am following.  Two in particular I read today touched my heart, both are regarding 9/11.  This is always such a difficult, sad anniversary.  I know this will be a short post because my grief is so large it is hard to articulate.

Two years ago I addressed this anniversary: http://resilientheart.wordpress.com/2012/03/21/back-to-the-beginning-patriot-day-2010-introducing-tbi-warrior-posted-sept-11-2010/     

These beautiful posts soothed my grieving heart, especially because they are not U.S. citizens, yet they felt our hurt.  One world, one heart, one human race, we are all connected.
Here are the two posts: 


A thought that has been with me so much lately while I ponder my childhood, adulthood and trauma, how is it possible the same species is capable of incredible feats of the heroic and the horrific?  Two complete opposites on the spectrum of human behavior.  What is it that drives a human to saving lives, while another thrives on injuring, destroying or killing?  

I have far more questions about the working of the human animal than I have answers.  Perhaps we are such an entertainment-centric world that we have lost touch with our own true nature, believing the fairytales and Hollywood happy endings.

I would imagine all our questions about humanity have existed since the beginning, nature v. nurture.  Are people natural-born killer or healers, how much does one’s environment shape the human soul?

All I know is this: we are capable of greatness and must choose awareness and mindfulness above reaction and justification.  And, I am grateful.  I am grateful for the hearts of those who are as big as the universe and are not bound by geographical limits. 

These moments of unspeakable cruelty cause me to ponder the deeper questions of life without much sunshine.  But, I am reminded of this quote:

"...if you insert into this weird slot machine of modern life one evil act a thousand acts of kindness will tumble out."
- David Gelernter, the Unabomber's 23rd victim

For those dear souls a world away, thank you for being on the side of the heroic.  You are an inspiration!

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