Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving, Holidays and Stuffing

Hi everyone,

This gets to be a crazy busy time of the year here in the states due to the holidays which really get going prior to Thanksgiving.  Why?  Stuff.

It's a time of turkey and stuffing, stuffing ourselves and then we are off on a most unbecoming mad dash to buy stuff.  Because it's the holidays, that's why!  This synopsis is brought to you by your friendly, neighborhood Brain Injured!  :)

Not everyone gets into the race for material stuff, some realize it's about the stuff that matters...humanity.  They decide it's a great time of the year to reach out to others, to help those in need.

My wish for you is the stuff that makes you content in the long-run and at peace in the short run.  We could all use a little bit more of humanity, and a lot less stuffing!  :)

Be well, my friends.  Happy Thanksgiving to those who will be celebrating it tomorrow.  A large part of my thoughts and heart go out to those for whom this time of the year is anything but happy. 

Blessings, Love & Peace,

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