Monday, November 5, 2012

Tools: Where In The !@#$ Did I Park?

After countless episodes of anxiety and panic forgetting where I parked, I picked up a few helpful hints to pass along.

First rule: ALWAYS park in the same general area or direction.  Some examples: at WalMart, I parked in an isolated parking strip by the garden center.  At Costco, I parked near the tire center.  At support group, the doctor’s office, the chiropractor, I was almost always able to park in the same spot.

Second, whenever possible, do not cross traffic.  I know of too many head injured folks who have been hit by cars, I offer this as a huge safety precaution because we may not have the same awareness as pre-TBI.  Ever see someone blatantly walk in front of a moving car totally oblivious?  I rest my case.  In the event you forget where you parked, you won’t be in that potentially panicked, unaware state crossing traffic and risking yet again another injury.

In the event I could not park in my normal areas, as happened at the grocery store, I would find a spot close so when I walked out the door I would see my vehicle.  This one is a little trickier because everyone parks close to the store, office, etc.

Third, on our cars we have the same stickers in the same color, ‘wag more bark less’ which helps identify it as ours.  In fact, while at a cafĂ© one time Richard and I saw a man almost get into our car, we think he saw the sticker first.  He had parked his matching vehicle around the corner.  Forgetting where we parked happens to just about everyone, for TBIers it’s pretty much a daily thing that costs us precious brain bucks.

Some folks have things on their antenna to help them find their vehicle.

And as much as it’d be a very helpful tool for a TBIer, I don’t know of many who have a nice enough car to have the beeper on their keychain they push that tells them where there vehicle is.

There is nothing more bewildering after the stimuli and stress of shopping than to come out into the parking lot and not be able to find your vehicle!

Do you have similar strategies you’d like to share that have helped you?


lace1070 said...

This happens to me on a daily basis ~ Makes me feel so like I am losing my #$%$#%^ mind! I would park in the same spot if I could even remember that! Lol ~ thanks for sharing ~ Makes me feel not so alone

ResilientHeart said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I'm with you, I feel like I'm losing my flipping mind yet I try to not look like I have...go figure! That hasn't worked yet!

Glad to know neither of us, and probably several million others, are not alone. :)