Thursday, January 31, 2013

Why I HATE Talking on the Phone!

I just got off the phone inquiring about feed prices, a HUGE stress because my brain processes things like an old 386 computer!  It's a far stretch for me to look back when I used to answer phones and made calls for a living, when it took little or no effort...

So my question I'm putting out to the world is: Can I, in the lowest possible percentile for processing speed, do anything to increase it?  Any rehab experts out there, or other TBIers in my shoes? 

I'd sure love to get better at this because at the rate I'm going, I suck at it!  LOL!  No really, I do!  I may be able to ask the question, but unable to process the answer. It's another reason I don't do online chat, it goes too fast for me to keep up. 

Or, as was the unfortunate case this morning, I had a call supposedly from my health insurer, they asked for my address and then hung up or disconnected, but there was no call back.  Uh, yeah, I don't think it was a real call either, they called at 8:15 this morning which is unusual, all of it is unsettling to say the least.

So I just called my health insurance and made a complete fool out of myself because I could not remember my mailing address, OMG, to confirm my identity!  My brain remembered part of my mailing address from three years ago and got stuck in a "I don't know" loop.  This is why I hate talking on the phone, I invariably make a fool out of myself and can't seem to make my brain to behave!!  [Heavy sigh].

OMG, Calgon, take me away!  And this was after I went through the self-talk of "I hate talking on the phone" to making myself believe "I love talking on the phone."

Not only do I feel like the Alpha Dork, I think I just proved it beyond the shadow of a doubt...again...

Monday, January 28, 2013

Back in the Techno Groove!

Hello lovely readers!

I've been absent from technology as my computer went from clunking along to kaput.  Oh my gosh, life without technology...I know it exists, but that's my brain in that electronic device!  And to be 65 miles away from the nearest tech, well, we knew it would take a while!

Time away from the 'noise' of the Internet, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc., was actually pretty nice once I got used it.  Yes.  I said nice.  And yes, I do love technology!

I had some nagging questions running through my mind:  is the computer a tool, a distraction, an addiction...or, was it all three?

Does Facebook, Twitter, PinInterest help me connect with people?  Maybe a better question to ask is whether I missed social networking sites?  No, I did not.  At all!  I missed email and really, really missed reading blogs.  OMG, unintentional technology detox!  :)

Because the energy I have each day is so limited I really have to focus on the life in front of me.  Am I getting my chores done each day?  How am I doing with self-care?  Am I maintaining healthy habits?  Exercise?  De-cluttering?  Uncle, Uncle, I give, I give!

I love the Internet, I love technology, but overload is overload.  It's kind of like having to watch the commercials during a TV show.  You may not wish to watch it or even care about what they're selling, but you're a captive audience if you remain passive.  When I had TV, I used to mute the commercials and close my eyes (too much visual stimuli).

When it comes to social media sites for this Brain Injured chick, all I can envision is the chaotic floor of the New York Stock Exchange where everyone is trying to yell louder than the other.  Anyone else feel the same?

I don't need that kind of noise, negativity, or really unimportant events/details being magnified out of proportion.  I don't need that stuff in my head.  Each little bit slows me down and takes precious brain bucks.

I will continue to blog until divine direction leads otherwise, I want to continue to use my life and story to help others.  Clearly 'social media' for me, anyway, is anything but. 

Another insightful moment happened over breakfast one morning last week.  Two lovely white-haired ladies were talking and I overheard one say, "I don't have time to learn Facebook, I'd rather be out socializing."  Wise words!  And as of yet, we have no data supporting social media actually increases our lifespan as getting out and socializing does.  :)

I jokingly emailed a friend telling her I've yet to have had a life-changing spiritual discovery or a-ha moment on a social networking site! 

What really clinched the self-inventory was receiving the Costco Connection in today's mail.  This article "Stop Being Rude" (farthest right hand column) hit me right between the eyes, see what I mean in point 2?!