Thursday, March 21, 2013

Amy Grant's Beautiful Quote about Dementia

I came across a quote I wrote down on a tiny piece of paper while waiting at the Doctor's office last year.  I started to type it up to keep here on my computer but thought it was a keeper meant to be shared.  :)

Here is the quote from the People Magazine article, Amy Grant said in, “Taking Care of My Dad”:
"A friend told me, 'This is the last great lesson your parents will teach you.'  That changed everything.  I've learned even tough situations are beautiful."

I love the wisdom and heart of this article because it not only deals with Dementia, but applies to a lot of other situations like TBI where we no longer have a map to go by. 

I hope you read the inspiring article.  It is a refreshing perspective of faith, empathy, compassion, acceptance, and living in the moment.  Yep, it's a keeper meant to be shared.  :) 

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