Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dad and Our Indomitable Spirits

My Dad has been moved from the hospital to the rehab center (he went to the same rehab last year when fluid built up in his lungs then too).

Something really sweet happened at rehab.  The same lady, Vicki, who had worked with Dad last year, was walking by his room and saw him.  She went in, hugged him and told him how much she’d missed him, she even showed him and my ex-Step Mom photos she’d taken of him on her cell phone last year.

One of the photos was a really nice picture of Dad in his wheelchair in a rose garden.  He remembers that trip to the rose garden to this very day!  I remember him talking about it, it is certainly a deeply planted memory (terrible pun intended!) 

Vicki said she’d ask her supervisor to see if she can work with Dad again.

It’s interesting what the mind remembers, but really, I think there are parts of our spirits that are untouched by age or trauma.  This is one more confirmation for my theory!  :)

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