Thursday, March 14, 2013

Direction Received

I am really grateful I chose to email my vet instead of trying to communicating over the phone…especially since she’s out of the office the rest of this week! 

She asked a few questions I’d not thought of and I had to refer to my notes, she had me check Tux’s gums for moisture as they should be slimy and not sticky.  I’m happy to report slime! 

She suggested taking Tux, who, by her definition is borderline, not in full blown Kidney Disease, to the local vet and get subcutaneous fluids administered TODAY.  She also suggested bringing Tux in next week for acupuncture and she’ll show us how to administer the fluids at home.  She says a lot of people opt to do this themselves and it really is an easy thing to do. 

Before I made the calls to schedule Tux, I knew I needed to rest before making phone calls.  Oh my gosh, I slept for a solid hour and I slept hard.  Phew!  LOL, and then I had a little caffeine to engage my -we-need-to-talk-cohesively-on-the-phone-brain!

So, Tux is going to the local vet this afternoon for subcutaneous fluids and Monday afternoon to our normal vet.  She said she doesn’t believe blood work would be necessary, but if Tux is having trouble keeping weight on she would not sedate her because of issues metabolizing medication.  She said it’s counter intuitive to get the information we need but hurt Tux to get it. 

I asked our vet about starting Tux on a raw foods diet or trying another commercial brand of Kidney Disease kitty food since Tux is refusing what we’ve giving her now.  (Tux is preferring the turkey breast and chicken broth, but there’s no weight gain there or sustaining nutrition.). 

The vet said she recommends the diet in Dr. Pitcairn’s book for kitties with K/D.  I did a raw foods diet for my dog with Cancer and believe that made a huge change for her.  Really, I do have to wonder if we think we can ever beat nature with something man-made…

Anyway, I’m able to breathe a sigh of relief for now and know we have a supported path and wanted everyone here to know too.  I know it’s no cure, but if I can help Tux live well for as long as she has on this earth, that’s a success in my book.  I can’t express how grateful I am for your loving kindness, words of comfort, and support. 

You, my friends, are rock stars!  :)  

And I’m grateful to be at a place in life I can afford to pursue care for Tux.  That is one thing I deeply regretted with my dog who had Cancer.  OMG!  I was already broke and then add the cost of the surgery, wow, huge debt and then I could afford no further treatment. How heartbreaking is that, to want to do more, to know more is within reach, but be unable to afford it? 

A piercing heartbreak can open one’s heart to compassion.  We have better healthcare for our animals than people have for their beloved friends and families in their own countries.  Now that’s something heartbreaking for sure, and perhaps, something to pray about too.

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